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What powerful lessons can you learn from fear?

Fear is possibly one of the most potent emotions that we have at our disposal. Fear can lead to so many things, like hate, judgment, procrastination, failure to launch, and many more. In short, fear can rule our lives. But what powerful lessons can you learn from fear?

Wisdom in fear

Firstly, we need to understand that wisdom can be found within our fear. Fear is an emotional sign of an inherent truth within you. It’s a warning bell from your panicking mind, telling you to stop what you’re doing and run and hide.

The trick is to lean into the emotion and listen to your thoughts. What are you saying to yourself? Let’s take a simple example.

Say you’ve sent a message to someone, where you spoke your mind, and it was kinda harsh. You suddenly pick up your phone again, re-reading what you said, and you feel that panic hit the pit of your stomach. Your heart starts to race. Your breathing gets quicker. You sweat. What did I just do?

And as the minutes tick by, you’re imagining what they might be thinking, why they’re not responding. What do you do now? Do you follow it up with another explanation? Lie and say that your phone got stolen and the thief typed this message and graciously handed it back to you? Leave the country?

Zone in

Okay, so this is peak dramatic, but you get my point. Let’s say you find yourself in this position. You are scared, clearly. Now, this might seem difficult, but try to question your reaction. Why are you feeling scared? What has triggered you? What is the worst that could happen?

For example, in this case, you might fear confrontation, and so by sending this honest message, you may feel as though you have put yourself in danger. Probe that further. Danger of what? Honesty? Rejection? Criticism? If you can pinpoint your fear to a golden nugget of truth, you can decide whether or not to believe it.

Be skeptical

Fear needs us to believe our own thoughts. But here’s the kicker: we’re not always right. Fear turns “What if she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore?” into “She’s never even liked you anyway”. It is our jobs as the vessels that carry our souls to protect them at all costs. We must be skeptical of our thoughts, and remain steadfast in universal truth.

So next time you find yourself anxious and afraid, take a firm seat in the present and learn from your fear. It’s a vital key to everyday happiness.

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