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Living in a selfie world – the dangers of not looking up

Just a small town girl…living in a selfie world… Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk about this strange selfie world we now find ourselves in.

Never before have we taken so many photos of ourselves, let alone uploaded them to the internet for all to see. I’m not going to get into the psychology of this phenomenon in this post, but rather focus on how this world we’ve created is shaping us.

Such a selfie world

There has always been a fine line between celebrating ourselves through selfies, and the dangers of what this can cause. Not only does it promote the need for validation from others, but it also pushes a dangerous narrative. That in order to feel good about yourself, you need to look a certain way and live a certain life.

But what’s becoming clear is that we’re focusing so much on our own feeds, that we’re missing out on other things that need our attention.

Things like healthcare, the elderly, animals, the environment, and many other issues. They are taking second place because they aren’t deemed as important as personal aesthetics.

Flip your camera

It’s time that we flip our cameras from selfie mode. We need to see what is out there and how we feel about it. Pick a cause. Get passionate, dammit. And share your findings on your feeds for your followers to see. Have a voice with where we are in this world rather than waiting for others to voice their opinions on yours.

I challenge you to spend the month of July filling your feed with pictures of other things. I’m not talking about your coffee mug or a cute pair of shoes – those still relate to self.

Show us the sunrise, the guy you talk to every morning when you park your car, your reusable straw. Help to create a world that cares about the creatures in it.

Not only will taking the focus off yourself and onto others help the world, but it’ll make you feel happier. Imagine having the weight of scrutiny and approval taken off your shoulders!

What are your reasons for taking selfies? Do they still hold true to what they did when you first signed up to social media?

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