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How to create a simple uniform wardrobe

Do you have a particular configuration of clothing which makes you feel confident and put together? The concept of a uniform wardrobe is not a new one, but with the recent increase in popularity in minimalism, it is seeing a resurgence.

So what do I mean by the term “uniform wardrobe”? Essentially, it’s a certain configuration of clothes that you not only feel confident in, but you can rely on it to work as a wardrobe as a whole and spend less time looking for clothes in your cupboard that don’t exist.

Defining your uniform

Before you can begin to build your uniform wardrobe, you need to nail down what your uniform looks like. A useful question to begin with here is, “What outfit do I wear that makes me feel like my best self?”. I’m not talking about a ball gown here – although I do feel pretty fantastic in a bomb-ass dress – I’m talking more about an everyday outfit that puts that extra bit of swagger in your step.

Perhaps it’s a flowy dress, or jeans and a shirt – there’s no right or wrong here. It’s simply about what makes you feel like your best self.

A colour story

Once you’ve found your best look, you can begin to look at what colours and patterns bring out the best in you. You might already have an idea of this by looking at your current wardrobe, or you might need to give this some thought and careful editing.

The aim here is to create a uniform wardrobe that works cohesively together, so if you can decide on a few key colours that work together and can be interchangeable with each other. That way, you’re not beholden to certain outfits.

Lastly, take a look at patterns that resonate with you. Polka dots, floral, stripes, tartan…which patterns are “you”?


Armed with your uniform in mind, you can now start to edit your current wardrobe to fit what you’re trying to create. If something isn’t fitting in with your vision, ask yourself if you truly love it. Often times you’ll discover that you don’t.

One thing to note here is that special occasion outfits, activewear, and loungewear are not a part of this edit. But feel free to still cull items that don’t bring you joy if you like.

Gather the missing pieces

After you’ve edited your current uniform wardrobe, you might find that you’re missing a few key pieces. Now is the time to make a shopping list of things to complete your look.

Perhaps it’s the same item in a few colours, or some key accessories to top off the look – it all depends on how far along your current wardrobe is on the journey to becoming a uniform.

Have you thought about this before? Often times we have a uniform in our wardrobe without even realising it. By becoming more conscious of our clothing choices, we can better customise our things to serve us and make us feel happier and more confident.

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