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How to press the reset button on your life

Sometimes we look around and suddenly feel dissatisfied with our station in life. And figuring out how to press the reset button on your life can be the difference between ignoring your disappointment, and becoming the person you want to be.

The 7-year cycle

They say that every 7 years, we experience a kind of life revolution, in what scientists call the 7-year cycle. Part of it has to do with our physical cells regenerating – you are literally a different person than the one you were 7 years ago.

But beyond that, there seems to be some kind of synergy here with mental, emotional, developmental, and situational change. Isn’t that fascinating? We essentially perish and rise from the ashes like some kind of fierce effing phoenix! I love that for me.

Now, while I do love the idea of embracing this 7-year transformative phase, we do need to keep in mind that it does not mean that we’re trapped in a certain phase or situation for 7 years whether we like it or not. We still do have the power to press the reset button on anything we’re less than satisfied with at any time in this life.

Why do I mention the 7-year cycle, you might ask? Because I do think it’s a fascinating way to look back at our journey so far and see if we can locate any patterns. I’ve noticed them in my own life, for sure.

And hey, if this is your 7 year moment, then you’ve got that extra bit of motivation to make a change.

So how do you press the reset button?

Start with what

You need to realise why you suddenly have an itchy finger for pressing the reset button. What is it you’re unhappy with? It might be one area of your life, multiple, or all of them. Or perhaps it’s a mindset that is slowly poisoning all of it.

Fall apart

Confronting your inner demons and deciding to make a fundamental change like this is not easy. At first, it sucks. Burgers taste better than vegetables. Fact. Gossiping with your friends feels like a great connection. True. You have to mourn the loss of these seemingly amazing things in order to move forward.

Start with a plan

Write down some pointers. Where can I improve? What do I need to change? What is my strategy? How do I get my life to look differently from this point on?

Really important here: If you’re taking on a massive change, it’s okay to implement these plans slowly. Try adding one each day to your routine – building sustainable habits over time is far easier than trying to become a different person overnight.

Be accountable

Share your plans with your partner, or family member, or a close friend. Anyone who would be a good accountability partner for you. I say this not because you need policing, but because it feels empowering to share your progress and development with someone. It can also help you to figure things out in tough times.

Be kind

This is the tough stuff. But the super rewarding stuff. Stick with it, but be kind when (and not if) you fail. Just keep to the plan. You can do this.

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