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    How to start meditating

    If you’ve spent even an insignificant amount of time in the personal development world (including that strange rabbit hole you went down after 2 glasses of chardonnay), you’ll know that meditation is a skill that is often recommended. But finding out how to start meditating without becoming completely overwhelmed with the resources out there can be a challenge. Luckily, I’ve done all of the annoying leg work for you.

    Find a guide

    It’s a common misconception that meditating is about sitting in a room on the floor in complete silence with your eyes closed. Yes, to a certain degree meditation does involve these things, but you don’t need to force yourself to sit in silence, all alone. It’s difficult to do that as a beginner.

    In today’s wonderful world of technology, there are a lot of apps, videos, and websites to help you meditate. I personally use Buddhify, but Headspace is also a fantastic app. If you’re not into adding more apps to your phone, YouTube has plenty of guided meditation videos. The music, ambient noise, voice prompts, and time limits really help you to focus and be present.

    Start small

    Begin with 2 minutes. Just two minutes. You can build yourself up over time, but starting small not only helps you learn how to meditate through successful practice, but also feels more manageable in your daily life.

    2 minutes every day is far more beneficial than 1 hour once per week. Consistency is important.

    Schedule it in

    I have an alert on my tasking app that tells me every day when it’s time to meditate. Having it scheduled into your diary means that you’re far more likely to succeed. Also, see the point above on being consistent 😉

    Play with it

    Not everyone meditates in the same way. Experiment with different tools, sounds, voices, environments, times of the day. If it’s not working for you, try to determine why, and adjust.

    There is no right or wrong – only you and what you need.

    Do you meditate? I’d love to hear what works for you.

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